New Features
Quoter XR Version 4.4 is scheduled to be released on September 1st, 2007. Here are some of the exciting new features you will find in this version:
New fifth generation assemblies generate more products and allow the user to set more waste factors. All assemblies can be preset for an actual estimating purpose. There is no preset limit for an assembly. All presets are given names by the user and are available for recurrent use.
Assemblies now offer many illustrated choices allowing the user to choose options faster.
New assemblies for better treatment of Stairs, Electrical and Plumbing products.
Pre-assembled projects (Detailed Templates) is a new method of estimating in Quoter. Quoter is delivered with 27 generic templates to start with for all kinds of projects. Custom detailed templates can be built and saved by the user for recurrent use.
Reports now offer display capability of Unit, Weight and Profit Margin.
Reports can now be sorted in user-defined sections with the new color tag feature.
Many Quoter Report Sections have been added and their order remodeled.
More New Features
Quoter now contains 7000 products and over 10,000 formulas.
New remote technical support module easily goes through proxys and firewalls.
New stud wall designer with printable wall design and cut-list.
Now works with these POS : PRISM, General Store, Advantage, Contal and Ogasys.