About Us
Quoter Estimating Software is one of Canada's leading estimating software companies.
We offer an estimating software package covering all aspects of the home building industry from suspended ceiling calculations to large multi-residential take-off.
With our flagship product Quoter XR, we are dedicated to take the estimating process to a new level: Easier, faster and more accurate. At the same time, we want to provide an affordable solution so small operation home builders and lumberyards can also benefit from a powerful estimating tool to help grow their sales and business.
We pay attention to our customer's feedback and special needs. This way, our suite of products is always evolving to meet new standards and keep up with an ever changing industry.
Software customization is also one of our sales force and always delivers customer satisfaction. Our flexible architecture allows us to do so in a very short period of time.
In a word, home builders and lumberyards choose our products for one main reason: We deliver what they need!
The Quoter Team
Patrick DesRosiers
Development and Marketing VP
22-year experience in software design and development.
Jiraud Warnett
Sales and Technical Support VP
19-year experience as manager at an ILDC lumberyard. His job description also included project estimating, contractor sales and general management. He also built several houses and appartment buildings.