The Quoter Community

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The Quoter Community
Quoter users are not just customers. They are members of a fast growing community. At Quoter, we give our members the opportunity to put their two cents in to make their estimating tool better, faster and to make more money out of it. This is why they chose Quoter over other old-fashioned estimating software. This is why Quoter is what it has become today: A hi-tech tool designed by numerous estimators and decision makers in the home building industry.
Our community members are home builders and remodelers, independent LBM store owners, lumberyards from all buying groups, LBM distributors, architects and architectural design services firms, companies specialized in electronic commerce solutions and services for the construction industry and pre-fab structure companies.
Most of our customers have compared similar software before joining the Quoter community. Some of them have gladly switched from other estimating software companies for many unpleasant reasons. The others just thought it had the most kick for the buck.
As members of the home building industry ourselves, we are proud to help this Canada-wide community grow stronger in a fiercely competitive market. We are also proud of our community think-tank that will continiously make this software better.
A very special thank to our early adopters who made us work hard and think outside the box!
To view the list of the newest members of the Quoter community, click here.