Frequenlty Asked Questions
What kinds of estimating projects can I do with Quoter XR?
Quoter XR will quickly estimate houses, remodeling, renovating, additions to existing structures, garages, decks, backyard sheds, fences, farm buildings, fireplaces and chimneys, suspended ceilings, concrete calculating, stair stringer calibrating, siding, complex roof calculating, TBF price converting and much more. Quoter is designed exclusively for the residential and light commercial building industry.
Can I share quote projects and prices over a server?
Yes. If you have a multi-station estimating setup, quotes and price database can be shared on a server. There are usually no modifications necessary to make it work.
Can I install Quoter XR on a laptop computer and take it home or on the road?
Yes. It works even if you do not have an Internet connexion.
Can I update an old quote’s prices?
Yes. Prices are volatile. They often change between the time you made your quote and the time you get the order. That's performed by a simple mouse click.
Can I include special order products in my quotes?
Yes. Since there are an infinity of special order products available, you can add as many as you want in your product list.
Can I use a digitizer or a measuring device with Quoter XR?
Yes. These tools make your estimating process even faster.
Can you supply us with such devices?
Yes. We carry a line of powerful and affordable measuring devices.
How long does it take to be up and running with Quoter?
Once installed, Quoter XR is ready to perform a variety of quotes. Home builders have access to a generic price database that reflects the current LBM market. Retailers rely on an import/export module that communicates with their POS system.
Can you install Quoter XR and train us remotely by Internet?
Yes. This is what we usually do. It is very convenient and it keeps costs low. This way, you don't have to send your trainees away for a number of days.
I need more than one license. Do you have special multi-user prices?
Yes. Contact us and we will evaluate your estimating needs.
Can I stop an estimating project right in the middle and start again later?
Yes. Quoter XR has everything you need to save your unfinished projects and start again later.
What kind of computer do I need to use Quoter XR?
Please refer to our requirements below. Windows XP is the most stable platform to run Quoter XR.
Minimal Configuration
PC with a Pentium-1.5Ghz or higher processor (or compatible processor)
Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT 4.x, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
128 MB of RAM
Free hard drive space: 20 MB
1024 x 768 screen resolution minimum
Graphics adapter with at least 32.000 colors (256 color modes are not supported!)
Windows compatible Mouse or other pointing device
CD-Rom Drive
Suggested Configuration
PC with a Pentium-2.8Ghz or higher processor (or compatible)
Windows XP or Windows Vista
256 MB of RAM. 512 MB or more recommended for optimal performance
Free hard drive space: 20 MB
1024 x 768 screen resolution or better
True Color Graphics adapter
Windows compatible Mouse or other pointing device
CD-Rom Drive
Is your company Eco-Friendly?
With our new Internet tech support tools, we can access the world without leaving the office. We are proud to have reduced our transport emissions by 75% over the last year. In these times of high energy prices, this also profits you, as it keeps our prices low and provides immediate customer service. We are equally proud to recycle 95% of our waste, including potentially dangerous old electronic equipments.