Benefits for Retailers
Like a boom truck or a fork lift, Quoter XR is a tool that will make your business stand out from the competition right from the start. As a building supplies retailer, here are some of the benefits Quoter XR can offer you:
Better Service
Good customer service is the key to success in this competitive market. The faster you provide your customers with quotes, the greater your chances to get the orders.
Better Productivity
By creating quotes faster and in a more complete way, you can service more potential customers and that means more sales and more profits.
Better Professionalism
Impress your customers with complete and clear reports. Make them feel that you've worked hard for their business. Differenciate your business from those sloppy and incomplete estimating reports made by the competition.
Better Profits
If you work faster, give better customer service and look better, this will mean more sales and more profits. Quoter was designed for that purpose.
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Point-of-Sales System Integration
Quoter XR also integrates with your POS system. Save time by easily retrieving data such as prices and descriptions from your POS database. Once your estimate is done, quickly generate POS-ready orders with a simple mouse click.