Why choose Quoter XR?
When looking for an estimating tool, lumberyards and home builders are presented with a variety of options. Our most demanding customers chose Quoter XR for these outstanding reasons:
One Complete Package
With Quoter XR you have it all. Quoter XR covers every aspect of the home building industry from suspended ceiling calculations to large multi-residential take-off.
No Hidden Costs
With Quoter XR, unlike most competitors, no need to buy separate expensive modules that will make the initial buying costs go through the roof.
Innovative Software
Quoter XR was built from scratch on its very own platform; not by copying some old and clunky MS Excel-centric software.
Flexible Architecture
Thanks to its flexible architecture, Quoter XR is always evolving to meet new standards and keep up with an ever changing industry.
Ready-To-Go Productivity
Quoter XR comes with more than 7000 products and 10,000 pre-configured formulas in its database. These, combined with project templates and built-in assemblies allow users to be productive in a very short period of time.